Companies House and Heaven

On our quest to fully utilise publicly available data, we were asked whether there is alpha to be gained from the Companies House database. Well, at ‘Companies House, my virtual Russian squatter and me’ (behind a paywall) Cynthia O’Murchu found out about Weight a Minute, a company with an officer who resides in heaven. ThatContinue reading “Companies House and Heaven”

Sentiment Analysis in Finance

(update January 29, 2021 — after Reddit users claim victory as $13bn hedge fund capitulates on ..) I added a false negative example — see the last colaboratory notebook below — and be careful when using off-the-shelf code! A very hyped use of AI in Finance comes from the application of Sentiment Analysis as a factor to predictContinue reading “Sentiment Analysis in Finance”

AI in Finance: Cutting Through the Hype (With Case Studies)

As I wrote in Calling AI’s bluff, we are currently living at the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ when ‘mass media hype’ begins and just before the ‘negative press begins’ (click on the previous blog for the famous hype cycle). The media also seems unable to distinguish the limits of AI, even calling it ‘creative’ (e.g. “Machine CreativityContinue reading “AI in Finance: Cutting Through the Hype (With Case Studies)”