AI in Finance: Cutting Through the Hype (With Case Studies)

As I wrote in Calling AI’s bluff, we are currently living at the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ when ‘mass media hype’ begins and just before the ‘negative press begins’ (click on the previous blog for the famous hype cycle). The media also seems unable to distinguish the limits of AI, even calling it ‘creative’ (e.g. “Machine CreativityContinue reading “AI in Finance: Cutting Through the Hype (With Case Studies)”

Calling AI’s bluff

Artificial Intelligence is enjoying one of its (regular) ‘peak of inflated expectations’ from Gartner’s well known hype cycle. Examples of ‘Mass media hype’ are: Machine intellectual superiority: “AlphaGo Zero: Google DeepMind supercomputer learns 3,000 years of human knowledge in 40 days”, “AI made this painting”: artificial intelligence is also driving cars, making money, exploring oceans … andContinue reading “Calling AI’s bluff”

Why Financial Time Series LSTM Prediction fails

and when it might just work. After the Writing like Cervantes appetizer, where a LSTM neural network ‘learnt’ to write in Spanish in under a couple of hours (an impressive result, at least for me), I applied the same technique to Finance. This is what I learnt: View in Colaboratory (the notebook with the code) Time Series predictionContinue reading “Why Financial Time Series LSTM Prediction fails”