Companies House and Heaven

On our quest to fully utilise publicly available data, we were asked whether there is alpha to be gained from the Companies House database.

Well, at ‘Companies House, my virtual Russian squatter and me’ (behind a paywall) Cynthia O’Murchu found out about Weight a Minute, a company with an officer who resides in heaven. That should tell us everything about the reliability of the (self-reported) data, and the humongous task of cleaning it. On top of that, the reporting lags are enormous – some companies are just about to report their March 2020 end of year (I am writing this on June 2021).

Still, in collaboration with Worksheet Systems we developed a simple App to look at the history of published Turnovers (only the ones for companies that use the ixbrl standard) – Find it here (link) and let us know your comments:

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